Youth Hearing Voices

Youth Hearing Voices

Youth Hearing Voices

As an introduction, we strongly recommend that you first read Hearing Voices, as the content in that section is highly pertinent to the experience of hearing voices for younger people.

What do we mean by “Youth Voice Hearers”?

The term “youth” applies to young people from as young as 5 years of age up to their early 20s, but in the main, 18 years and younger.

Why differentiate between “adult’ and “youth” voice hearers?

The sensitivities in providing information and support for younger people who experience hearing voices, particularly those in their early teens and younger, requires a more structured and tailored approach than that for adult voice hearers.

Is the prevalence of hearing voices the same in Youth as Adults?

Research shows that the prevalence is higher, for example:

  • 8% of youth under the age of 12 hear voices.


Research also shows that:

  • 85% of youth under the age of 12 attribute the onset of the voices to a traumatic event or events in their childhood.


Are there Hearing Voices Groups for Youth Voice Hearers?

Almost all hearing voices groups worldwide are presently run for adults (ie. 18+ years ), including here in Australia. The only exception (we are aware of) is in the UK where a particular organisation “Voice Collective” runs youth groups.

The Foundation is keen to develop youth groups here in Australia. We are also keen to develop support groups for carers and family of young people who experience hearing voices. We would appreciate your feedback if this would be of interest to you and/or your organisation. Send us an email at

How and Where can we get more information and support?

The Foundation has designed training programs and presentations specifically for schools (teachers and/or school counsellors) as an “introduction to the hearing voices experience”, to give them a better insight and understanding of the experience.

The training and presentations are also available for carers groups and other community groups.

If you would like more information, go to Events and Training and view the workshops and presentations available.

There is also  a book called “Youth Hearing Voices” which is an excellent publication designed for young voice hearers, their carers and anyone who works with young people who experience hearing voices.

Go to Resources/Publications for more details on the book.

The Foundation is in the process of developing a range of literature around “Youth Hearing Voices’, so watch this space, or better still, join our mailing list and we will keep you informed of progress.

In the meantime, there is an excellent organisation in the UK that works exclusively with young people who experience hearing voices. The organisation is called “Voice Collective” and its website is

They have some excellent material and literature, and its free. Here are two booklets that may be of interest:

Booklet 1 – Voices and Visions – A Straight Talking Introduction
Booklet 2 – Voices and Visions – A Guide to Coping and Recovery


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