The following publications will give you further insight into the challenges faced by people with lived experience of hearing voices and paranoia and their links to childhood trauma.

Hearing Voices

Books and DVDs

“Accepting Voices – A New Approach to Voice Hearing Outside the Illness Model”
by Romme & Escher

“Can’t You Hear Them?: The Science and Significance of Hearing Voices”
by Simon McCarthy-Jones

“Hearing Voices, A Common Human Experience”
by John Watkins

“Living with Voices: 50 stories of Recovery”
by Romme, Escher & Ors

“Making Sense of Voices – A Guide for Professionals Working with Voice Hearers”
by Romme & Escher (Workbook when using Maastricht Interview)

“Recovery: An Alien Concept?”
by Ron Coleman

Downloadable Resources

“Altering the Balance of Power: Working with Voices”
by Peter Bullimore

“Are Hearing Voices Groups Effective? – A Preliminary Evaluation”
by Sara Meddings, Linda Walley, Tracy Collins, Fay Tullett, Bruce McEwan and Kate Owen

“Better Sleep for Voice Hearers”
by Ruth Lambley

“Coping with Disturbing Voices” 

“Dealing with Scary Voices”

“Further Strategies for Coping with Distressing Voices”

“Hearing Voices Coping Strategies”

“Hearing Voices in Different Cultures”
by Tanya M. Luhrmann, R. Padmavati, Hema Tharoor, Akwasi Oseic

Hearing Voices – The Dutch Experience: Romme and Escher”
by Nigel Rose

“Hearing Voices – The Recovery Journey Part 1: Important Steps to  Recovery with Voices”

“Hearing Voices – The Recovery Journey Part 2: What Causes Hearing Voices?”

“Hearing Voices – The Recovery Journey Part 3: Accepting Voices and Finding a Way Out”

“Hearing Voices – The Recovery Process Part 4: Making Sense of Voices: The Relationship Between the Voices and Life History (Part A)”

“Hearing Voices – The Recovery Process Part 5: Making Sense of Voices: The Relationship Between the Voices and Life History (Part B)”

“Helpful Hints for Carers and Family: Information on Hearing Voices”

“Hungry Researchers: The Tensions and Dilemmas of Developing an Emancipatory Research Project with Members of a Hearing Voices Group”
by Emma Snelling

“Listening to Voice Hearers”
by Bob Sapey and Peter Bullimore

“Overview for Coping with Distressing Voices”

“Recovering with Voices Outside Psychiatry”
by Prof. Dr. Marius Romme and Sandra Escher, M.Phil, PhD.

“Talking to Voices – An Introduction to Voice Dialogue
by Dirk Corstens and Marius Romme

“The Message of the Voices”
by Prof. Dr. Marius Romme and Sandra Escher, M.Phil, PhD.

“Voices & Visions: A Straight Talking Introduction”

“Voices & Visions: A Guide to Coping & Recovery”

“Workbook for Voice Hearers”


Downloadable Resources

“Broken Record Technique”

“Good Morning: Facing My Demons”

“Paranoia Coping Skills”

“Some Ideas for Helping with Paranoia”

“Strategies for Helping those with Beliefs about Alien Abduction”

“Thought Reading”

“Thought Stopping”

“Understanding a Paranoid World”
– by Peter Bullimore

Childhood Trauma

Downloadable Resources

“Asking the Question: Childhood Sexual Abuse and Trauma: Enquiry and Response”
by Paul Hammersley, Professor John Read and Peter Bullimore

“Helping with Body Flashbacks”

“Trauma Studies”


Downloadable Resources

“Dragonfly Day”

“Melissa Roberts Foundation”

“The Case Against Antipsychotics: A Review of their Long-Term Effects”
by Robert Whitaker


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