Melissa Roberts Foundation In support of people who hear distressing voices
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Melissa Roberts Foundation


Our Vision

A Society that fosters hope, recovery and equality for people with a mental illness.

Our Core Values


The Melissa Roberts Foundation (MRF) is an organisation that has been established as a legacy too, and in loving memory of, a very special young woman, Mel, who sadly passed away in August 2010.

Mel had lived experience of Hearing Voices, Paranoia, Trauma and severe Depression. (see Mel’s Story)

The MRF was established in April 2011, is an incorporated association and not for profit organisation.

The MRF is in the process of expanding its operational activities as defined in the current three year Strategic Plan. (see Strategic Plan)

Our operational activities include providing:

S – Support
I – Information
T – Training
E – Education

In the areas of:

The MRF promotes recovery through the use of skills and techniques developed predominantly by people with lived experience, who have overcome the disabling impact of their condition.